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About Us

At its core, TabCom is a company that works with SMB customers to help build, support & manage their business. We do this by providing expertise and support with Devices, Applications, Software Systems, Branding, Marketing, E-Commerce, Website & Email Hosting, Web-Design, Graphic Design, and even more!

Our clients call us for anything: CNC machine repair, Optomolgy machine repair, computer repair, software repair and customization, website design, cracked screens, TV repair, logo design, printer repair, installing security cameras.

Our clients will also call us when looking to make a purchase of new or used electronics. Computers, servers, HDD’s, IP phones, laptops, tablets, printers, cables, monitors, peripherals, routers, firewalls.

One of our favorite sayings is “If it plugs into a wall, we can fix it or replace it.”

So truly, TabCom is a unique company. We do Hardware, Software, Marketing, Branding, IT Consulting, Break Fix, Purchasing… what other company can you call that does it all? Most of all, we want to help companies grow and prosper without feeling too small to get help. Our target SMB is 40 employees or less, there are not many companies out there that can say that!