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Who we are Continued…

After a day or two of searching for the right printer at the right price, he found a great printer that did it all, and it was only going to cost $15! So he met the seller in a parking lot near the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio and made the purchase. Excited and a bit nervous, he got home and opened it from the box to be utterly amazed at the condition and functionality of the item that was only $15. His first thought was, “I wonder what it sells for on eBay or Amazon?”

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He went to eBay and put in the model number for the printer, did a few search filters to show what has sold in the past 30 days with that model number, and poof a business was born. That printer had been selling on eBay for $150 – $200 consistently.

He finished testing out the printer by printing the items from his original intention and sold that printer on eBay for $175. Then he purchased 5 more printers on craigslist just like it and did the same thing over and over again. Branching into many different product lines, from desktops to restaurant POS systems. TabCom added the PLUS to its name and eventually branched into helping SMB clients with all of their digital transformation needs.

Today, TabCom is a full-service digital marketing agency, e-commerce business, and local IT Management company. We host and manage dozens of websites from landscaping to online retail with thousands of products.